Silvio Manuel

“I, Silvio Manuel, tell you: only a daring person can walk confidently on the Path of knowledge! One has to have a venturous heart to travel to the Unknown!

“I, too, followed such a Path. Having set out on a sorcerer’s journey to the unknown worlds, I never thought about returning to the worldly. I strove only towards new unexplored expanses awaiting Me on this Path. A life filled with sorcery and new worlds — drove Me forward!

“But as I advanced, I gained Wisdom. And I turned from a ‘restless’ sorcerer-traveler striving for the unknown worlds — into a Calm, which embraces everything.

“Gradually I gained understanding of the true Goal of the Path, granted to Me by the Power.

“And one day I moved from the state of a separate self — into the state of the Higher Self and became the entire boundless Light-Power.”

“How did You manage to attain everything in one lifetime?”

“It was the only purpose of life for every one of Us. Seeing unbelievable prospects open to Us, We discarded from Our lives all the rest, let go of everything that We ‘clung to’ before.

“… In relation to this, let Me tell you about detachment — an essential attribute of a warrior’s life.

Detachment implies two things: a system of values revealed to the warrior by the Spirit and resolute adherence to this system.

“To have detachment means to walk through your life not as if through a bazaar, idly looking here and there, but to move forward taking every step in accordance to this system.

“Don Juan said about the same when He explained to Castaneda that spiritual warriors have to plan their actions asking advice from death.

“And one more thing: sad is the future of those who do not seek companions, do not take others on the journey! Spiritual warriors weaken, faint if they have no one to fight for!

“First, the spiritual warrior fights for oneself, then — for others, and grows thanks to this. A warrior who has no one to fight for weakens and soon dies a natural physical and spiritual death.

“Therefore, one must fight!

“I invite you to My Depths!

“But do not try to entice people into Me!

“The Freedom which lives in My Depth is the highest reward only for those who truly strive for it and are ready to pull themselves out of the commonness and limitedness.

“Do not entice anyone into Me! I receive in Me only those who desire to live with Me, in Me — and not for a moment, but to unite their lives with Me!

“As a water current flows around all obstacles and runs to the depths, so you — pursue your course and do not turn back!”