“Indians are an ancient civilization, and their world view in old times was quite different from the one of modern people. I taught them to perceive the world as One Whole Organism. I taught people to respect every life, taught them to live and act on the Earth impeccably, disturbing not the harmony, balance, and beauty of the environment. Since the childhood, an Indian learned to listen and understand the world around — the sun, the stars, the wind, the forest, rivers, lakes, animals… Indians learned to follow the laws of nature in their life; they understood that by violating these laws one causes unnecessary pain to the living.

“In contrast to the modern Europeans, they did not ‘imprison’ themselves in stone houses, were not ‘shackled’ by dogmas about the structure of the world. Indians felt that they are an integral part of nature; their home was the boundless forest, rocky mountains, blue lakes, waterfalls. The state of mergence with nature was very natural for them.

“Crossing a river on a pirogue, walking forest trails, Indians felt themselves one with the wind, water, mountains, birds… Since young age, they knew that the body is but a small fragment in the world of matter, that it is important not more than pines swaying in the wind, than clouds floating in the sky, than squirrels frolicking in the trees or fish swimming in waters...”

Eagle (White Eagle)